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Job vacancy:

1.Materials Inspection Engineers

Sourcing Inspection & Supplier Surveillance
• Monitor inspections and tests, review and witness processes, verify measurements and test results, workmanship, etc
• Extensive experience with metal materials inspection, traceability systems, coating and corrosion services.
Supplier Desk/Field Expediting
• Worldwide expediting standards, professional reporting system, expediter training, impartial and independent assessments
Technical Auditing/Raw materials Supplier Assessments
• Independent assessment of raw materials supplier’s administrative, operating, or quality management system

1.      Appropriate background and work experience in any of metals process industries.
2.      Sound manufacturing knowledge in sputtering target or any of metal processing.

3.      It is expected that applicants will have a sound knowledge of local and international Standards applicable for the work.

4.      Better communication skills in written by English.

5.      Junior college degree of science or above.

6.      At least five years experience in the relevant fields listed above.

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Sputtering Targets Manufacturer,Supplier™ Thin Film Coating | AbleTarget Limited®