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Able Target Limited


Able Target Limited ,the previous company is a High -Tech enterprise of powder metallurgy,which was engaged in all kinds of metal and oxides materials from 2001.

Able Target Limited mainly provide high purity and density sputtering targets,alloys,ceramics ,rare earth materials and evaporation materials which was for PVD and CVD coatings and products,now becoming a perfect sputtering targets supplier around the world for Flat Panel Display industry ,Architectural and automotive glass coating ,Optical communication and optical storage coating, Electronic Coating, Solar panel coating, Semiconductor, PVD coating industry, and all kinds of downstream industry of sputtering target.

We have a whole experimental analysis and thin film deposition technique through smelting, hot-press and hot isostatic presses press at high purity (99%, 99.9%, 99.99%, 99.999%, 99.9999 %.) with very competitive price and customized approach.

ABLE TARGET Limited have the best excellent engineers with experienced skills and a specialty Magnetron Sputtering Technology  focused on its core skills in producing coating film materials, precious metals, fine chemicals and processing technology.

We have been establishing good business relationships with many companies, Universities, Colleges, Research Institutions, multinational R&D center all around the world.

In addition, ABLE TARGET also attached great importance to quality management, the pursuit of the quality meet or exceed the advanced level and be able to stay ahead in terms of cost control, and now our products are cheaper than the similar products in 10% lower -30%, and gain a competitive advantage.

Sputtering Targets Manufacturer,Supplier™ Thin Film Coating | AbleTarget Limited®