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New sputtering targets
Able Target Limited—-Any sputtering targets is possible!

We have much advantages on processing some specific sputtering targets like







SrTiO3,SrRuO3 etc.

No Matter what you want,welcome to ask for a inquiry.











vacuum plating

Vacuum plating

Vacuum plating includes: vacuum evaporation, sputtering and ion plating types.

 They are used in vacuum conditions, through such means as distillation or sputter deposited on the surface of plastic parts of various metal and non-metallic film can be obtained in this way by a very thin surface coating, but also has outstanding speed and good adhesion advantages, but the price is higher, you can operate the type of metal less than the high-end products generally used as the functional coatings, such as an internal shield to use.

Common plating of plastic products, there are two: water electroplating and vacuum ion plating

Vacuum ion plating, also known as vacuum coating. Vacuum plating approach is now a more popular approach, the metal products made out of a sense of strong, high brightness. The coating method is compared with other, lower cost, environmental pollution, is now widely used for various industries

Able Target Ltd—A perfect sputtering targets supplier


Vanguard PVD technology(physical vapor deposition)
PVD ,physical vapor deposition is widely used on the current international advanced surface treatment technology.

 Its working principle is in vacuum conditions, using the gas discharge material part of the gas ionization or evaporation, or evaporation of material in the gas ion bombardment role of the reaction of the evaporation or deposition of material on the substrate. It has a fast deposition rate and surface cleaning features, in particular strong adhesion with the film, diffraction, and can be coated material widely and so on.

China sputtering targets

China Sputtering targets

Able Target Limited,as the one of the best sputtering targets supplier of China,can provide many kinds of sputtering targets for PVD coatings,CVD coatings,sputter coating.

We have best experienced engineers in processing any high purity sputtering targets.


Thin-Film Materials

Able Target is a full-service Thin-Film Materials provider. We offer high quality products designed for the vacuum industry. These products include metals, alloys and ceramics in any customer designed configuration. Our company provides product design,ICP and full traceability/analysis of materials. Our materials can be fabricated to fit all commercial or custom designed systems.

Sputtering Targets list (By Application) :

Semiconductor Correlative targets / Thin film of electrode and wire layout : aluminium target, copper target,gold target,silver?target, palladium target, platinum target,alumium silicom target,aluminium silicom copper alloy target and so on.

Thin film of packet eletrode: Molybdenum targets,tungsten targets,titanium targets and so on;

Thin film of conglutinate: Tungsten target, titanium targets and so on.
Thin insulating film:PbTiZrO3 targets and so on.

Hard disk with a magnetic thin film magnetic recording: CoCrTa alloy targets, CoCrPt alloy targets,CoCrTaPt alloy target…

Magnetic head of thin film: CoTaCr alloy targets,CoCrZr alloy target …

Tificial crystal film: CoPt alloy target,CoPd alloy targets …

Phase change optical disk recording films: TeSe target,SbSe target,GeSbTe targets,GeTe alloy targets …

Magneto-optical recording films for disk: TbDyCo allohy targets,TbDyFe targets,Al2Oe targets,MgO targets,SiN targets…

CD reflective film: Aluminium targets,AlTi alloy targets, AlCr targets,Gold targets,Gold alloy targets…

CD Protection Film: SiN targets,SiO2 targets,ZnS targets …

Transparent conductive film for flat display: ITO target,AZO targets,silicon dioxide target,titanium target,chromium targets…

Display wiring film electrode: Molybdenum targets, tungsten target,Titanium target, tantalum targets, Chromium target,aluminium targets,aluminum titanium alloy targets,AlTa alloy targets,Aluminium neodymium alloy target,AlNd alloy targets…

Display Thin Film electroluminescent: ZnS doped Mn targets, ZnS doped Tb targets, ZnS doped Eu targets, Y2O3 targets, Ta2O5 targets, BaTiO3 targets…

Decorative Film: Titanium targets, Zirconium targets, Chromium targets, TiAl targets, SS targets …

Low resistance film: NiCr target, NiCrSi alloy targets, NiCrAl targets, NiCu alloy targets…

Superconducting thin films: YBCO targets (YBaCuO targets), BiSrCaCuO targets …

Tools plating film: Nitride targets, Carbide targets, Boride targets, Cr target, Ti targets, TiAl alloy targets,Zr target, Graphite targets, Aluminum 99.99%, Chromium 99.5%, Nickel/Chromium 99.5%, Nickel & Alloys 99.5%, Tungsten Carbide C:0.4%, Titanium & Alloys ( TiAL, TiALY) 99.5%, Zirconium 99.5%

Thin film solar cell:Silicon sputtering targets, Gallium Arsenide (GaAs)99.999%, ITO 99.99%,Titanium metal 99.9%,Aluminum Zinc Oxide (AZO) 99.99%,Zinc Oxide (ZnO) 99.99% Silicon Dioxide ( Si02 ) 99.99%, Titanium Oxide (TiO2 ) 99.99%, Molybdenum 99.9%, Nickel / Chromium ( 80:20 )99.5%, NiV targets, Chromium target 99.5~99.9%, Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) 99.999%,Cadmium Sulfide (CdS), 99.99%, 99.999%, Platinum (Pt) 99.99%, GaSe target, GaS target, CuGa target, CuIn target, CuInGaSe (CIGS) 99.99%, CuInSe(CIS) 99.99%, ZnAl alloy sputtering target, CIG sputtering target (5N)


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