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Oxides Sputtering targets

Able Target Limited provide you Oxide Ceramic Sputtering targets:

Al2O3, Sb2O3, ATO ,BaTiO3, Bi2O3, CeO2, CuO, Cr2O3 ,Dy2O3 ,Er2O3, Eu2O3, Gd2O3, Ga2O3, GeO2, HfO2, Ho2O3, In2O3, ITO, Fe2O3, Fe3O4, La2O3, PbTiO3, PbZrO3, LiNbO3, Lu3Fe5O12, Lu2O3, MgO, MoO3, Nd2O3, Pr6O11, Pr(TiO2)2, Pr2O3, Sm2O3, Sc2O3, SiO2, SiO, SrTiO3, SrZrO3, Ta2O5, Tb4O7, TeO2, ThO2, Tm2O3, TiO2, TiO, Ti3O5, Ti2O3, SnO2, SnO, WO3, V2O5, YAG, Y3Al5O12, Yb2O3, Y2O3, ZnO, ZnO:Al, ZrO2, ZrO2-5-15wt%CaO)
Able Target Limited can provide sputtering targets on Optical and Architectural applications,the ability of certain elements to selectively absorb and emit highly specific wave length ranges and also reduce glare due to their high refractive index when deposited on a glass substrate resulted in the development of sputtering and evaporation materials of elemental rare earths, such as neodymium and dysprosium and many other optically active and anti-reflective (AR) materials.

LCD sputtering targets

Able Target Provide sputtering targets in LCD applications.

In recent years the size of sputtering equipment has increased along with the increasing sizes of mother glass. Able Target provides high performance sputtering targets for these large sizes. In particular, ITO target, transparent dielectric material, with low particle and ultra-high density has been developed and provides high productivity.


Ti (TiO2),Al (Al2O3),SUS,Ta,Ag,ZnO,ITO,ZnO-Al2O3,


ZAO (ZnO:Al2O3)sputtering target


AZO sputtering target for Coating engineers

AZO target:

main technical parameters:

*chemical composition: 98wt%ZnO, 2wt%Al2O3 (common) or in accordance with customer’s request;

*purity: 99.9,99.99;

*relative density: ≥99%; actual density: ≥5.60g/cm3

*sputtering target resistivity:2~8×10-4Ω•cm ;

*membrane resistance: RF magnetic control, substrate heating temperature 220℃
Shape: plate,tube

Maximum Size:

Planar: 300mm*600mm
Rotary target: diamiter 130~180Or in accordance with customer’s request


Solar Cells Industry

Energy saving building glass Industry

Sputtering Targets Manufacturer,Supplier™ Thin Film Coating | AbleTarget Limited®