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New sputtering targets
Able Target Limited—-Any sputtering targets is possible!

We have much advantages on processing some specific sputtering targets like







SrTiO3,SrRuO3 etc.

No Matter what you want,welcome to ask for a inquiry.











sputtering target application

Able Target Limited provide you sputtering targets in Semiconductor materials application :

Solar cell: Si, Ge, GaAs, GaSb, InGaP, CdTe, CdS, CIGS(CuInGaSe,CuInGaS), CIS (CuInSe), In2Se3, In2S3, GaS, CuS,Cu2S, CuSe, Cu2Se …

Thermoelectricity: Bi2Se3, Bi2Te3, Sb2Te3, Sb2Se3, HgTe, ZnSb, PbBi, PbTe, Bi(SiSb2), Bi(GeSe)3, CrSi2, MnSi1.73,FeSi2, CoSi, Ge0.3Si0.7, a-AlBi2, Bi1-xSbxTe1, Zn3Sb4 …

Infrared field: Si, Ge, CdS, PbS, PbSe, MgF2, InSb, InAs, GaAs,GaP, ZnSe, ZnS, Ge:Au,Ge:Hg,CaLaS4, InGaAs, Pb(1-x)SnxTe, Hg(1-x)CdxTe

Photoconductive detect field: CdS, CdSe, CdTe, PbS, Si, Ge, Insb, Hg0.75Cd0.25Te, Sb2S3, Ge:Au, Ge:Hg, HgCdTe, PbSnTe, Hg(1-x)CdxTe, PbxSn(1-x)Te, PbxSn(1-x)Se …

Sputtering Targets Manufacturer,Supplier™ Thin Film Coating | AbleTarget Limited®