Able Target Limited-your best choice for sputtering target

Recently,Able Target Limited made some cooperations with some Universities and Research Institutes on the powder metallurgy and hot pressing technique.We gained many support and acceptances from professors and leaders of research centers.

Able Target Limited now has been the most excellent sputtering targets manufacturer and supplier of our country,and we have an absolute advantage for those target below and also including some other sputtering targets.

Rare earth oxide sputtering target,InGaZnO4 target,MoSi2 target,Ta2O5 target,NbO2 and Nb2O5 target,ZrO2 target,WO3 target, ZnO target, Hydroxyapatite ( HA : Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2 target. Al2O3,SiO2,TiOx,ZnO,ZAO(ZnO-Al2O3),Hf2O5,NiO,FexOy,SnO2,MgO,WO3,MoO3, Si3N4,TiN,BN,ZrN,TiB2 ZrB,LaB,WC,TiC,TaC

We are the only manufacturer which can produce Hydroxyapatite ( HA : Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2 target which has been put into application for  industrial customers.

We welcome all the partners come from companies, colleges, and researching centers to begin our mutual beneficial cooperation together.

Your support is our greatest power, we anticipated that altogether wins hand in hand with you, for this reason and unremitting efforts!

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