ZAO (ZnO:Al2O3)sputtering target

AZO sputtering target for Coating engineers

AZO target:

main technical parameters:

*chemical composition: 98wt%ZnO, 2wt%Al2O3 (common) or in accordance with customer’s request;

*purity: 99.9,99.99;

*relative density: ≥99%; actual density: ≥5.60g/cm3

*sputtering target resistivity:2~8×10-4Ω•cm ;

*membrane resistance: RF magnetic control, substrate heating temperature 220℃
Shape: plate,tube

Maximum Size:

Planar: 300mm*600mm
Rotary target: diamiter 130~180Or in accordance with customer’s request


Solar Cells Industry

Energy saving building glass Industry

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