Pyörivät sputterointikohteet

Pyörivät sputterointikohteet  also called rotable sputtering targets, or Rotating Sputtering targets, or  tube sputtering targets, there are monolithic and bonding type and spray type.

Able Target is proud to announce its new range of Pyörivät sputterointikohteet.

The Rotary targets are produced by either plasma spraying  onto a base tube or from solid pieces, Lengths of over 2000 mm are manufactured.

We also have melting and casting, Vacuum Sintering, Vacuum Spraying,and HIP processing method for our Rotary targets,almost covers all the rotating sputtering targets production method.

Complementing our advanced thermal spray capability, Able Target Limited  have developed proprietary casting capability to manufacture select rotatable sputtering targets to meet high density and high purity specifications.

We can also customize length, thickness, and target shape to meet application specific configuration.

Relative density: >99% Purity: >99.5%≥99.999%

Rotary sputtering target size: φ56~190mm L: 120~5000 mm

Plane sputtering target size: (30~4000)*(20~4000)*(4~25)mm

Our Rotable Sputtering Targets materials including :

ZnO,i-ZnO, AZO, TiOx, TZO, ZnAl,CuGa, ZrO2,WOx,NbOx, Al2O3, Cu, Al, Sn, ZnSn, InSn, ATO, CdTe, V,

NiCr, NiV, CrAl,CrAlSi, AlTi,AlSn, Cr, AlTi, Ti, Zr, Hf,Mo, MoNb, Inconiel, W, Ta, Nb, SiAl, Si, etc.

Ask for a Rotary Sputtering Targets brochure  with production and packing details

At the meantime,we can produce customized size according to customer's requirement.

Pyörivät sputterointikohteet

rotary sputtering targets
rotary sputtering targets
Rotating Sputtering targets
Rotating Sputtering targets