Able Target Limited welcomes you to be our business partner

We are looking for distributors or business partners all around the world

What is Able Target Distributor Program?

The Able Target Distributor Program is an invitation to you to join our company in distributing and/or re-selling our products. We currently have a network of some distributors all over the world which do a very stable volume of business with us.

What are the benefits of the distributor program?

Improve Market— by expanding your product and services to generate more customer wins.
Maximize the revenue by sharing with the state of the technology based on world-level standard with the most favorable price.
Obtain Added Value by keeping abreast with the latest technologies, timely and regular sales and technical support.

Why choose Able Target as a partner?

Leadership in the market
1.An industry leader for coating materials and sputtering targets in Flat Panel Display industry,LCD industry,Architectural and automotive glass coating ,Optical communication and optical storage coating, Electronic Coating, Solar panel coating, Semiconductor, PVD coating industry.

2.Able Target Limited have best excellent engineers with experenced skills and a specialty Magnetron Sputtering Technology focused on its core skills in producing coating film materials, precious metals, fine chemicals and processing technology.
3.Remarkable profit growth rate of over 300% in overseas market.
The Able Target Distributor Program has certified partners specified in the following industries and areas:
Local distributor engaged in coating materials or sputtering targets, Vacuum Coating, College or other Researching Center, Engineering ,etc.

Join the Program

If you and/or your company is in the business of distributing and or re-selling sputtering targets, or other coating materials and you are interested in reselling our products please contact Dr. Wang ,Email:

You are assured to achieve win-win.