Hard Coating Sputtering target

Able Target have a capacity of producing all type of Decorative coating sputtering target and hard coating sputtering target

Watches,automobile glasses, hardware ,fittings and other decorative parts coating.

We have a wide range of production line for these targets:

Chromium sputtering target,Cr target

Chromium/Aluminum target,CrAl sputter target

Titanium/Aluminum target,TiAl,AlTi target

titanium/Silicon target,TiSi target

Nickel Chromium target(NiCr target)

AlSn alloy target

AlSc target,

Nickel vanadium target,NiV target

cobalt iron target,CoFe target

nickel Titanium target,NiTi target

Titanium Niobium target,TiNb target,
Titanium Zirconium target,TiZr target,

Tungsten Titanium target,WTi target,

molybdenum sputtering target,

hafnium sputter target,

tantalum sputtering target

There are planar shape target,Tube shape Sputtering target,and special customized shapes constructed by segments.

Hard coating sputtering targets

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