Metal wire

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Able Target supply various metal wire as customized size.

We can provide many kinds of metal wire,rare earth metal wires,alloy wires, etc.

Boron wire,magnesium wire,scandium wire,titanium wire,vanadium wire,chromium,manganese,cobalt wire,nickel wire,niobium wire,molybdenum wire,ruthenium wire,palladium wire,Silver wire,indium wire,tin,antimony,tellurium,hafnium wire,tantalum wire,tungsten wire,rhenium ,iridium,platinum wire,gold wire,lead,bismuth,cerium target,Pr,wolfram carbide,terbium,holmium,erbium,thulium and so on.

Our Tungsten wire can be customized and the diameter from

D0.006  0.009  0.01  0.02  0.03  0.04  0.05  0.06  0.07 0.08  0.1  0.15 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.8 1.0, etc.

Gold wire   
Gold wire,Metal wire
Tungsten wire
Tungsten wire,W wire

Metal wire,Tungsten wire,Indium wire,Niobium wire,Tantalum wire,Gold wire