nickel cobalt alloy

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Overview: Development Abroad of nickel cobalt alloy series
① electroplating nickel alloy has a very fast development in modern industry and the rapid development of science and technology, made of material surface with high performance requirements, electroplating alloy, nickel alloy is obtained much more varieties outstanding surface material than relying on a single metal plating obtained in various extraordinary surface properties. Nickel alloy plating in the 80s of 20th century have a fast development.

    ② In 1936, bright nickel-cobalt alloy plating has been developed and applied in industry.

    ③ In 1950 ,U.S. Brenner (Brenner) and other systematic study of ferrous metals, including iron, cobalt and nickel and phosphorus, tungsten alloy formation.

    ④ In 1962 , Brenner published “Principles and Practice of alloy electrodeposition,” a book to sum up results of 1960 alloy plating.

    ⑤ In 1970,kroner (Krohn) and other binary alloy plating and its application published papers.

    ⑥In 1970 ,Xiwakuma (Sivakumar) summed up the 1964 to 1969 between the progress of ternary alloy plating, writing papers ternary alloy electro deposition.

    ⑦ In 1969 , (Khomutov) published “electrochemical deposition of metals and alloys,” a book.

    ⑧In 1976 , Sili Wa Wa State papers released binary alloy plating.

    ⑨In 1979 , Chen Jiliang Summary taken abroad has been successfully plated ternary alloys.

⑩ During 1989  and 1990, Chen Shu Hua has published two dollars and two ternary Ni Alloy Electro deposition review articles.