Precious Alloys

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Precious Alloys target

ABLE TARGET Limited can produce many kind of precious metal/alloys sputtering targets such as

Gold Antimony, Au/Sb
Gold Arsenic, Au/As
Gold Boron, Au/B
Gold Copper, Au/Cu
Gold Germanium, Au/Ge
Gold Nickel, Au/Ni
Gold Nickel Indium, Au/Ni/In
Gold Palladium, Au/Pd
Gold Phosphorus, Au/P
Gold Silicon, Au/Si
Gold Silver Platinum, Au/Ag/Pt
Gold Tantalum, Au/Ta
Gold Tin, Au/Sn
Gold Zinc, Au/Zn
Palladium Lithium, Pd/Li
Palladium Manganese, Pd/Mn
Palladium Nickel, Pd/Ni
Platinum Palladium, Pt/Pd
Palladium Rhenium, Pd/Re
Platinum Rhodium, Pt/Rh
Silver Arsenic, Ag/As
Silver Copper, Ag/Cu
Silver Gallium, Ag/Ga
Silver Gold, Ag/Au
Silver Palladium, Ag/Pd
Silver Titanium, Ag/Ti

Au,Ag,Ir,Pt,Pd,Ru targets
precious metal target of Able Target Limited

Maybe what you need is not in the lists, we can also manufacture special size sputtering target according to our customer’s requests.