30 Years Sputtering Target Manufacturing

30 Years Sputtering Target Manufacturing

Our workshops have more than 30 years production experiences in Sputtering targets fields,with more than 7 production lines workshops, and more than 20 engineers in powder metallurgy technique and vacuum melting technique experiences.

Technology accumulation

  1. A variety of production techniques and equipment (cold isostatic pressing + various atmosphere sintering technology, spraying technology, low temperature metal / alloy centrifugal casting technology, vacuum hot pressing sintering technology, hot isostatic sintering technology, electron beam melting / regional melting Purification technology, etc.)
  2. Product diversity
  3. Customized service of the product
  4. Waste target recycling and reuse technology
  5. Self-owned intellectual property target bonding service, binding target can achieve high power sputtering
  6. Perfect product sales service system
  7. Provide accurate material application and technical support

Core Technology

  1. Thin film layer design and material application design
  2. Powder material synthesis technology
  3. Ultrafine powder dispersion and dispersion technology

4.DCC and CIP material forming technology

  1. Various types of atmosphere protection and sintering technology
  2. Metal and ceramic friction welding technology
  3. Centrifugal casting and precision metal alloy processing
  4. Plasma spray material manufacturing and surface treatment technology