Sputtering Target Bonding

Target Bonding Service are provided by Able Target Limited , at the same time, we can afford the Backing Plate bonding service.

Backing Plate bonding is one of the most important process in sputtering which is to ensure the target and the Backing Plate is bonded soundly to provide maximum thermal conductivity and mechanical strength. A properly bonded Sputtering Target will normally give a longer working life than a non-bonded target, may enhance the efficiency to achieve faster sputtering rates and will enable thin film coefficient meet the requirement exactly.

Our bonding processes include:

  1. Silver Epoxy bonding
  2. Indium bonding
  3. InSn alloy bonding
  4. Resin bonding
  5. Conductive adhesive bonding

Our back plate & tube materials:

  1. Oxygen Free Copper (OFHC)
  2. Molybdenum Plate
  3. Titanium tube
  4. Stainless Steel tube

This can only be achieved through innovative research and developments together with decades of experience on countless engineering projects all over the world. Our customers benefit from our know-how and experience and enjoy the unique advantage of the professional technique coming from our excellent engineers. Tailor-made, from engineering and design, to state-of-the art manufacturing through a global manufacturing network, streamlined implementation through dedicated project management and continuous support and service.