Sputtering Target Market

Sputtering Target Market

Our Business Capacity

With high efficiency administrative system and professional technical group,Able Targets Limited  has exported our products to over 35 countries and regions involving projects in diverse fields such as : microelectronics, semiconductor, compound semiconductor, magnetic recording, data storage, precious metals, film resistanc, transparent conductive film,  wireless RF and microwave, photovoltaics, telecom, precision optics, decorative, and display device.

The sputtering target  market can be applied to many fields such as:

Hard coatings for tools coating

Decorative coatings ,such as watches,automobiles,mirrors,etc
The Flat Panel Display industry

Data Storage

Glass Coatings


Optical communication and optical storage

Vacuum coating

IC and Electronic Coating

Solar energy industry

Semiconductor, PVD  coating  industry

and all kinds of downstream industry of sputtering target.

Wherever your project is located, whatever size your project
has… you can rely on Able Target Limited as a competent and reliable partner.