sputtering target supplier

Sputtering target supplier

Almost all IC manufacturers will use sputtering targets,ABLE TARGET is one of the first commercial vendors which commercialized Integrated Circuit sputtering target,and fill gaps in the domestic sputtering target industry,breaking the monopoly of foreign semiconductor sputtering target market.
From a domestic perspective, our products can fill the market gap for semiconductor materials, from a global perspective, we are able to closely follow the latest advanced semiconductor manufacturing technologies to meet the latest cabling technologies.
In technological innovation, ABLE TARGET closely following the developing trend of semiconductor manufacturing technology, make a continued development of high-end products.
For example,we mastered the technology of brazing and electron beam welding, diffusion welding technology, processing technology, packaging technology and analysis of cleaning and testing technology,this is the leading technique in China.
In addition, ABLE TARGET  also attached great importance to quality management, the pursuit of the quality meet or exceed the advanced level and be able to stay ahead in terms of cost control, and now our products are cheaper than the similar products in 10% lower -30%, and gain a competitive advantage.
For a new industry, our innovation is also reflected in the promotion of the development of the industry chain,through the establishment of sputtering target plant, we also help promote China's sputtering target of raw materials industries. China is not the original raw material suppliers of sputtering target, and now the material is mainly imported from abroad.
To promote the development of the industry chain, with the support of the related departments, we take the lead in planning the establishment of an industry alliance,which will play a positive role in domestic complete industrial chain,but also has played a key role for our future supply of raw materials for local lay foundation of the revitalization of China's semiconductor industry .
In addition, we also try to extend thesputtering target for semiconductor technology to liquid crystal display and solar cells industry.
2008~2009, the international financial crisis, overall,for us,in this special period of the semiconductor industry, we has made some world-class business opportunities for our evaluation. During this period we focus on all the technical break, and the sample sent to the client certificate for future sales and development,and has laid a solid foundation. Since 2007, three years, we have made a growth rate of more than 90%.
The sputtering target industry in our country,led by us,has just begun to develope and will become a new bright spot in China's semiconductor industry

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