Planar Sputtering target

Planar Sputtering target

The sputtering target can be divided into Planar Sputtering target and Rotating sputtering target according to the shape.The Planar Sputtering Target mainly refers to a circular target having a certain thickness and a rectangular target.

The planar sputtering target is connected to the sputtering device by means of a smattering method, and the film is deposited on the substrate under vacuum conditions, and then passed through the substrate. Various means (etching) are applied to the film to meet different needs.

Our company produces Flat planar Sputtering targets for various models and applications, including tool coatings, decorative coatings, functional coatings, multi-Arc sputtering and more. According to different customer requirements, we can provide drawings and usage suggestions, and tailor the appropriate targets for customers.

Planar target size range:

Rectangular Shape: (30~4000)*(20~4000)*(4~25)mm
Round Shape: Diameter 500mm*50mm thick
Purity range: 99.5%~99.9%, 99.95%, 99.99%, 99.999%, 99.9999%
Testing standard: ICP-OES
MSDS Provided

Technology accumulation

  1. A variety of production techniques and equipment (cold isostatic pressing + various atmosphere sintering technology, spraying technology, low temperature metal / alloy centrifugal casting technology, vacuum hot pressing sintering technology, hot isostatic sintering technology, electron beam melting / regional melting Purification technology, etc.)
  2. Product diversity
  3. Customized service of the product
  4. Waste target recycling and reuse technology
  5. Self-owned intellectual property target bonding service, binding target can achieve high power sputtering
  6. Perfect product sales service system
  7. Provide accurate material application and technical support

Core Technology


  1. Thin film layer design and material application design
  2. Powder material synthesis technology
  3. Ultrafine powder dispersion and dispersion technology
  4. DCC and CIP material forming technology
  5. Various types of atmosphere protection and sintering technology
  6. Metal and ceramic friction welding technology
  7. Centrifugal casting and precision metal alloy processing
  8. Plasma spray material manufacturing and surface treatment technology

Quality control system(QC)

To ensure high quality production and sales services

We have established a comprehensive quality system control system and developed comprehensive operational procedures and operational standards. We always comply with ISO9001-2015 standards for all production, sales and quality control.

sputtering target production
sputtering target production