Tantalum Telluride sputtering target

Tantalum Telluride sputtering target,TaTe2 sputtering target manufacturer. Able Target Limited is the best Tantalum Telluride sputtering target,TaTe2 sputtering target supplier.

Purity range: 99.5%, 99.9%, 99.95%, 99.99%, 99.995%, 99.999%

Density: 80%~100%

Size and shape: Round, Rectangle,Tube, Rod,wire,Granule,Pellets,crucible, boat

1inch diameter ~ 12 inch diameter(round shape)

Max length: 1700mm, Max width: 300mm (Rectangle)

Min thickness 0.1mm(Foil)

Min diameter: 0.1mm(wire)

Crucible: 4cc

Pellets: 2*2mm, 3*3mm,6*6mm

Production method: Vacuum melting,Powder hot pressing ,Powder sintering ,vacuum coating, Hot isostatic pressing(HIP), Vacuum extrusion, Forging, Line cutting , Milling and Polishing with ISO9001 quality management system


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Hard coatings for tools coating

Decorative coatings ,such as watches,automobiles,mirrors,etc
The Flat Panel Display industry

Glass Coatings


Optical communication and optical storage


Wear Resistance

IC and Electronic Coating

Solar energy industry


With different production lines,we can manufacture Magnetron sputtering target, vacuum coating materials, evaporation materials, powder metallurgy and smelting products.

We produce a wide range of physical vapor deposition(PVD) materials, chemical vapor deposition(CVD), vacuum sputter coating materials, multi-arc sputtering targets, and our products are widely used in Functional coatings,Decorative coatings, The Flat Panel Display, Glass Coatings, Solar cell, Optical communication ,optical storage ,Semiconductor, IC and Electronic Coating, Wear Resistance, and other PVD coatings industry.

Able Target has the most complete production equipment and testing equipment, including powder metallurgical equipment, vacuum melting equipment, hot isostatic pressing equipment, vacuum magnetic suspension melting furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum distillation furnace, regional smelting furnace, single crystal furnace, Vacuum hot pressing furnaces, oxidation furnaces, lathes, grinding machines, milling/drilling/punching machines, wire cutting machines and other material forming and processing equipment, bonded scanning instruments, ICP-OES testing equipment, MSDS, XRD and XRF testing instruments.