氮化物濺射靶材 are usually used for decorative coatings by PVD coatings.

Purity range: 99.5%, 99.9%, 99.95%, 99.99%, 99.995%, 99.999%

Density: 80%~100%

Size and shape: Round, Rectangle,Tube, Rod,wire,Granule,Pellets,crucible, boat

1inch diameter ~ 12 inch diameter(round shape)

Max length: 1700mm, Max width: 300mm (Rectangle)

Min thickness 0.1mm(Foil)

Min diameter: 0.1mm(wire)

Crucible: 4cc

Pellets: 2*2mm, 3*3mm,6*6mm



Symbol Materials Standard Purity 作品 形狀
BN Boron Nitride 99.5% 定制 定制
Cr2N Chromium Nitride 99.5% ~ 99.9% 定制 定制
GaN Gallium Nitride 99.9% ~ 99.99% 定制 定制
Ge3N4 Germanium Nitride 99.9% 定制 定制
FeN4 Iron Nitride 99.9% 定制 定制
HfN Hafnium Nitride 99.5% 定制 定制
NbN Niobium Nitride 99.5% 定制 定制
氮化矽 Silicon Nitride 99.5% ~ 99.99% 定制 定制
TaN Tantalum Nitride 99.5% 定制 定制
Titanium Nitride 99.5% 定制 定制
VN Vanadium Nitride 99.5% 定制 定制
ZrN Zirconium Nitride 99.5% 定制 定制


Production method: Vacuum melting,Powder hot pressing ,Powder sintering ,vacuum coating, Hot isostatic pressing(HIP), Vacuum extrusion, Forging, Line cutting , Milling and Polishing with ISO9001 quality management system


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