Able Target Limited can provide various Single crystals ,Substrates and wafers  like Silicon, GGG, SiO2+Si, GaN, Cu , AlN, ZnO, LiF, Ge , SiO2, MgO, MgF2, GaAs, BaTiO3, TiO2, ZrO2, YSZ, LiNbO3, LiTaO3, LaTiO3, SrTiO3, LaAlO3, Al2O3, TGG(Tb3Ga5O12),TM ZnSe ,etc.

We can produce according to customized requirement as size, polishing , grade and other customized technical requirement.

Here are some specifications of our crystals ,wafers, Substrates:

Magnesium fluoride crystal (MgF2) belongs to tetragonal system, melting point is 1255 ° C, high hardness, good mechanical properties, stable chemical properties, not easy to deliquesce and corrode.

Its main feature in optical properties is its high permeability in the vacuum ultraviolet range. The rate (170nm transmittance is still above 80%) is widely used in optical fiber communication, military industry and various optical components.

Main performance parameters(MgF2)
Crystal structure Quartet
Lattice constant a=4.62 Å,c=3.06 Å,
Melting point (°C) 1255
Crystal growth method Bridgeman, Shabu Shabu
Density(g/cm3 3.18
hardness 4(mohs)
Thermal expansion coefficient (/°C) 13.7×10-6 (∥c),8.9×10-6 (⊥c)
Thermal conductivity / Wm-1K-1


Refractive index no=1.37608 ne=1.38771(0.7μm)
Transmission band 0.11-12.00
Transmission rate > 94% @ 5m > 85% @ 0.2m
Size 10×3,10×5,10×10,20×15,20×20,Dia50.8mm.Dia100mm
thickness 0.5mm,1.0mm or custom
Polishing Single and double
Orientation <001>±0.5º
Orientation accuracy of the crystal plane: ±0.5°
Edge orientation accuracy: 2°(special requirements up to 1°)
Beveled wafer A wafer that is edge-oriented at a certain angle (inclination angle of 1°-45°) can be processed according to specific needs.
Ra: ≤5Å(5µm×5µm)
Packing Class 100 clean bag, Class 1000 clean room

Strontium titanate(SrTiO3) is one of the most widely used excellent high temperature superconducting single crystal substrates.

It has good lattice matching with high temperature superconducting materials such as YBaCuO7, has no twin structure, and has excellent physical and mechanical properties.

A variety of high-temperature superconducting thin films (Y-series, Bi-series, La-series, etc.) fabricated using various film forming techniques (such as magnetic sputtering, pulsed laser deposition, laser molecular beam epitaxy, etc.) can obtain TCO ≥ 90 °K, JCO≥106A/cm2 and other indicators.

SrTiO3 is also the preferred single crystal material for high temperature superconducting junction technology (using bimorph or stepped substrates) and substrate stepping (beveling and heat treatment at specific angles).

Main performance parameters(SrTiO3)

Crystal system Cubic crystal system
Growth method Flame method
Lattice constant a=3.905Å
Melting point(℃) 2060
Density 5.122(g/cm3
hardness 6-6.5(mohs)
Thermal expansion coefficient (/°C) 9.4×10-6
Dielectric constant ε=5.20
Chemical stability Not dissolved in water
Thermal expansion coefficient 10.4×10-6/k
Tangent loss ~5×10-4(300k) ~3×10-4(77k)
Color and appearance Transparent (sometimes slightly brown depending on the annealed state) no twins
Size 10×3m、10×5m、10×10mm、20×20mm,Dia25.4mm

Dia30mm,Dia35mm or Customized

Thickness 0.5mm、1.0mm
Tolerance <±0.1mm
Thickness tolerance <±0.015mm special requirements can reach <±0.005mm)
Polishing Single or double sided
Surface orientation accuracy ±0.3°
Edge orientation accuracy 2° (special requirements can be up to 1°)
orientation <100>、<110>、<111>etc
Packing Class 100 clean bag, Class 1000 clean room