About AbleTarget

Able Target Limited

ABLE TARGET LIMITED is a High-Tech thin film Coating Materials researching, production and sales company since 2001,with multiple production lines to meet customers in different applications and provide customers with the best coating material solutions

We specialize in the production of high purity Magnetron sputtering target, vacuum coating materials, evaporation materials, powder metallurgy and smelting products.

We produce a wide range of physical vapor deposition materials, vacuum sputter coating materials, multi-arc sputtering targets, and our products are widely used in Functional coatings,Decorative coatings, The Flat Panel Display, Glass Coatings, Solar cell, Optical communication ,optical storage ,Semiconductor, IC and Electronic Coating, Wear Resistance, and other PVD and CVD coatings industry.

Able Target has the most complete production equipment and testing equipment, including powder metallurgical equipment, vacuum melting equipment, hot isostatic pressing equipment, vacuum magnetic suspension melting furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum distillation furnace, regional smelting furnace, single crystal furnace, Vacuum hot pressing furnaces, oxidation furnaces, lathes, grinding machines, milling/drilling/punching machines, wire cutting machines and other material forming and processing equipment, bonded scanning instruments, ICP-OES testing equipment, MSDS, XRD and XRF testing instruments.

Able Target  provide our customers with the highest quality products and the most competitive prices, and our colleagues will provide the best after-sales service for our customers. We have established a comprehensive supply chain management system to reduce costs. We always pursue efficient production and scientific management.

Over the years, we have established long-term friendly relationships with distributors and end users around the world.

We always adhere to high quality and low price, integrity management, and now our products are cheaper than the similar products in 10% lower -30%, and gain a competitive advantage to create maximum value for customers.

30 Years Sputtering Target Manufacturing
sputtering target production