About AbleTarget

ABLE TARGET LIMITED, established in August 2010, aims to establish a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of thin film deposition materials. Until 2024, our company (including holding subsidiaries) will have a total of approximately 68 employees, including 3 holding companies, 48 production and R&D personnel, 8 sales personnel, 3 financial personnel, and 7 management personnel.

In 2011, the company gathered a group of national-level thin film material R&D personnel to start developing and producing various types of vacuum hot pressing and vacuum melting sputtering targets.

In 2013, the company had its own processing plant in Nanjing, self-developed and OEMed flat targets and rotating targets for customers in the glass, solar, Photoelectric industry, decoration and wear-resistant fields.

In 2016, we invested in the establishment of a new factory in the promotion project of the local Government in Jiangsu province. The factory Specializing in the development and production of high-quality metal, alloy, ceramic target materials, used to LOW-E glass, decoration, data storage, thin film solar cells, semiconductors, flat display and other industries.

We have complete production lines to meet the needs of different customers, including advanced spraying production lines, vacuum spraying, atmosphere spraying, powder metallurgy production lines, smelting metallurgical production, including vacuum melting, magnetic levitation melting, electron beam melting and casting production lines, target binding Customized service. The monthly production capacity is 50 tons of sputtering targets.

The targets we produce have the advantages of high purity, high density, fine particles, and uniform distribution of ingredients. We can produce flat targets and rotating targets up to 4 meters long and are widely used in large-area vacuum coatings.
The complete testing process allows customers to use it with confidence, and continuous investment in research and development can meet the needs of customers in different industries and provide more professional services.

We produce a wide range of physical vapor deposition materials, vacuum sputter coating materials, multi-arc sputtering targets, and our products are widely used in Functional coatings, Decorative coatings, The Flat Panel Display, Glass Coatings, Solar cell, Optical communication ,optical storage , Semiconductor, IC and Electronic Coating, Wear Resistance, and other PVD coatings industry.

We have established a comprehensive quality system control system and developed comprehensive operational procedures and operational standards. We always comply with ISO9001,ISO14001,RoHs standards for all production, sales and quality control.

Over the years, ABLE TARGET LIMITED have established long-term friendly relationships with distributors and end users from Europe, North America,Aian companies and other companies around the world.

Our aim is to provide customers with the highest quality materials at the lowest prices, create more value for customers, and aim at long-term cooperation and mutual development.

Our goal remains true to our original company slogan: with Able Target, Any Target is Possible!

30 Years Sputtering Target Manufacturing
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